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Thread: My Detailing Journey, owning a business and now.

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    My Detailing Journey, owning a business and now.


    Grew up a gear head and fell in love with paint and detailing.

    Took some classes, worked for a high end detail shop. Quit. Started my own business.

    Ran my detail company full time for 5 years semi-successfully. Sold it. (Never grossed six figures, but made a living)

    The grind and negotiating, followed by irresponsible employees, working alone killed it. The past 2 years I haven't hated cars, but I've steered clear. I respect full time detailers. Ivan. There is more than most people can imagine to doing this. It's not just being an expert in detailing. Marketing, Accounting, Budgeting, Repairing, Hiring, Firing, Customer Service, Inventory, DETAILING and repeat.

    Owning a detail business killed my hobby I grew up with.

    Well, this spring I believe it's time for a comeback. To vehicles. NOT detailing.

    I will buy the E36 M3 I've always wanted. I will detail it. I will post pictures and offer my knowledge to others.

    What's your favorite thing about detailing?

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    Nothing about detailing appeals to me.

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